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Julie, Entrepreneur

I developed a really bad bad headache. I was almost to a point I wasn’t able to function. I sat down with Lisa. I was a little skeptical at first. But within 15 minutes, she had taught me not only how to heal my headache at the moment, but how to take that information she gave me so I can heal myself. And my headache within 15 minutes was gone. Now I feel empowered that I can actually heal myself with the information that she gave me. I am so grateful to her.


Corey, Entrepreneur

I woke up with a headache. At 8 o’clock I took 2 Advil, it didn’t go away. At 11 o’clock, I took 2 more. Seven hours later, the headache still was bothering me. I found Lisa and she taught me a couple of trigger points on my body that I can use and in 10 minutes she got rid of the headache for me. Even better, when I feel the headache coming on, I know where to go on my body to deal with those trigger points and erase the headache, so Lisa, thanks so much!

Sheffra Williams

Sheffra Williams, CEO of Heart2Heart2 Business Communications and Media

I’m excited to tell you about my healing as a result of my work with Lisa Wong. I am a martial artist for over 25 years. I broke my collarbone while I was doing a flip in the dojo. Two weeks later, I was able to move my hand and punch. Three months later and I can do anything with my arm. According to Kaiser, my collarbone is still broken, but I have flexibility and no pain in my arm. I can’t say enough for Lisa and her Healing By Design methodology.

Berny Dorhmann

Berny Dorhmann, Chairman of CEOSpace International

Lisa Wong has a technology protocol that really is an app where your body is the app and when you look at your body as the ultimate priority ahead of anything else. It will tell you everything that is wrong with you, that you may not have been diagnosed, might not have known, you do it in 1-hour and then self-treatment. The new healing is all about this body app and body button technology that Lisa Wong has developed.

Sehin Belew

Sehin Belew, Motivational Speaker

I had this health challenge for 20 years and none of my medical doctors have been able to figure out. I was very surprised how Lisa was able to tell me what was wrong with me and tracing it back to 18 years when the medical doctors weren’t able to figure out. I give credit all to Lisa for doing a fabulous job. I really recommend Lisa. Just give yourself a chance and you will be am amazed with the results.

Kenneth Jennings

Kenneth Jennings, CEO of Mr. Re-Key

I am the CEO of Mr. Re-Key, the nation’s largest residential locksmith. I recently I have the pleasure of having a treatment from Lisa Wong. It was an amazing experience. She is incredible. She found things that I needed to repair. How did she know this? … the woman is just incredible. So, if you want to make your health better, call Lisa. Let her show you what she can do.

Paula Krumm

Paula Krumm, RN of El Camio Hospital

My first exam with Lisa and was an amazing experience. She was able to tell me things about my body that I had not shared with her. She was right-on with how I was feeling and what had happened and what was happening in my life and she gave me some very good suggestions for how to be preventative and for my future health on how to take care of my own body. Thank you very much Lisa!

Bonnie Gebhart

Bonnie Gebhart, RN of El Camio Hospital

I was infected with an viral infection that created this rash in my hands and edema in my feet. After going to my primary care and dermatologist, I was still suffering from this 4 weeks after everything started. I was just amazed at how quickly Lisa could identify every tender, every painful parts of the ear that related to specific issues I was having. After my first week of working with Lisa, I really felt that I turned the corner and I was on the road to recovery.

Barbara Chang

Barbara Chang, Nutritionist of El Camino Hospital

I had frozen shoulder for over a year and I have gone to many treatments, western treatments, which didn’t seem to help me cure it. Last week I just happen to run into Lisa…. And she showed me one button. Basically it is an acupressure point, which she taught me to push on it, and hold it down and do that frequently and see what happens. It has only been a week and my arm is really getting so much better.