The Climb Every Mountain Self-Care Movement would not be possible without the financial and non-financial support of the following individuals and organizations. Center For Healing By Design, Inc. wishes to express deep gratitude for the generous efforts of these supporters and advisors.


Thought Leadership
Theodore Zhu, Ph.D. – IO Intelligent Co LTD
Berny and September Dorhmann – CEOSpace International
Sheffra Williams – Heart to Heart Business Communications and Media
Adam Markel – Peak Potentials
Joel and Heidi Roberts
Brendon Burchard
Loral Langemeier – Live Out Loud
Napoleon Hill
Terence Winslow & Alicia Clark
Alan S. Wong, M.D.
Li-Chun Huang, M.D. (China), O.M.D.
Mun Lei Wong and Chi Kan Wong


Financial Contributors
Theodore Zhu, PhD
Jimmy Kwan
Ken Sung
Paul Hung
Janice Moy, M.D.
Ken Courtright
Dale Richards
Mimi Wong
John D. Black-Barnes
Larry Conner TTEE
Charles Springer
Marsha Hurst, R.N.
Patty Tager
Mariafe Caparas Ulle
Mother-Baby Unit Staff, El Camino Hospital
Tam’s Yijin Exercise Institute


Werner Berger- Meet Me At The Top, Inc.
Heshi Siegal – Kids Better World
Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre
Kilimanjaro Children Foundation
Sheffra Williams – Heart to Heart Business Communications and Media
Steve Lillo – PlanetLink
Diane Eaton – The Writing Doctor
Ken Rochon – The Umbrella Syndicate
El Camino Hospital
Barbara Brown
Gerry Foster
Steve Virga


Ken Courtright – Income Store
Keval Bliss – Bliss Superfoods
Sheila Ko – Beauty Einstein