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“What a toothbrush and a comb are to your daily hygiene, the Self-Care AcuPak™ can be to your personal health.”

~ Lisa K.Y. Wong, L.Ac.


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Imagine never being without the ability to reduce headache or shoulder pain, calm your anxiety, boost your immune system and fire up your vitality! With our convenient Self-Care AcuPak™, you can easily detect and treat emerging problems, any time, anywhere. Easy peasy!

Combining ancient Asian healing techniques with modern Western medicine, the clinically-proven healing tools in our Self-Care AcuPak™ are the essentials for your daily personal self-care, just like your tooth brush and comb. View video demonstrations of the AcuPak™ in action here.

Your Self-Care AcuPak™, includes three self-care treasures:

1. Pocket Guide to Your Body’s Control Panels 2. Acu-massage ball 3. Acu-stylus

The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. We all have numerous trigger points or Healing Buttonson our hands, ears, scalp and other sites, that can be used to stimulate the self-healing ability of our own bodies. The Self-Care AcuPak™ has what you need to learn how to work with them so you can quickly treat common conditions and give yourself everyday self-care. It also includes an introduction to the proprietary 3-step Healing By Design Methodthat takes your healing deeper and provides long-lasting results. The process is easy to learn, easy to use, and profoundly valuable to your health and longevity. It’s fun too!

• Relieve pain in a few minutes — sometimes immediately! • Reduce or eliminate headaches • Massage internal organs • Improve circulation • Increase your energy • Improve sleep • Reduce anxiety and stress • Bolster your immune system • Improve concentration and focus • Treat occasional digestion problems like stomachache and constipation • Help your body feel better in many ways!  

How it Works

The human body is a miraculous masterpiece for self-care. We each carry miniature maps of our own bodies with us every day that can help us evaluate our health and pinpoint areas in need of attention. Just as the dashboard of your car gives you information and warning lights about the health of your vehicle, your body has numerous control panels that can give you feedback about how your body is doing!

But your body goes one step further: by touching or massaging certain trigger points, or Healing Buttons™, within those control panels, you can actually stimulate, activate and realize healing in the area of your body that needs it. In other words, through the body’s highly refined and intelligent internal network, you can use the healing buttons to rebalance and heal many common health issues.


In the masterpiece of the human body, areas within the control panels are internally connected to every organ and function of the body. That puts you in the driver’s seat of your own healing.

The first treasure of your Self-Care AcuPak™, the Pocket Guide to Your Body’s Control Panels, maps out the details of the three powerful control panels on your body: the hands, the ear and the scalp. You’ll use the other two treasures — the acu-massage ball and the acu-stylus — to detect and stimulate the healing buttons. For example, the hand control panel will show you that the palm of your hands are connected to — and can affect — your internal organs. So you can roll the acu-massage ball between the palms of your hands and by doing so, help massage your internal organs and increase circulation to them. You’ll use the acu-stylus when you need a more precise tool to stimulate smaller areas in your control panels.

The Pocket Guide will teach you how to test the tenderness of your healing buttons, evaluate the degree of discomfort, and find out the location of the problem. From there, you’ll soon master the simple process of using the tools to get relief from pain and health issues and accelerate your healing! The next time you experience pain or discomfort in your body, before you reach for a pain pill, why not give your body’s own self-healing system a chance first? Using your body’s control panels and by following the simple 3-step process described in the Pocket Guide, you can relieve your pain or discomfort in as little as 10 minutes, without any drugs or side effects. Best of all, you can do this by yourself, anytime, anywhere.

Empower yourself with our Self-Care AcuPak™ and put your inner doctor to work!

 Pocket Guide, Acu-massage ball and Acu-stylus, The complete set is our thank you gift to you when you make a donation of $100.00 or more.

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