My Story Began With My Fear of Needles…


Lisa Wong

I have had compassion and a strong desire to relieve pain and suffering since childhood. Each time I overheard my dad say it was time to eat a chicken, I shooed the chickens that my dad raised, out of our courtyard, trying to save them from being slaughtered.

I developed an intense fear for needles since my first hospitalization experience at age 7. I had a kidney infection and stayed in the hospital for a month, with my hands poked with large IV needles several times every day. That experience grew my compassion for those made powerless from illness and the intense pain due to treatment that was supposed to help cure. Ever since that traumatic experience, I have a tendency to faint every time I have my blood drawn for a routine annual physical.

Like a magnet, my deep urge to help people relieve pain and suffering kept pulling me in the direction of healthcare throughout my life. In high school, I volunteered at a hospital to explore my desire to study medicine in college, but the smell of hospital and sight of blood brought back my childhood memory and made me nauseous.

In college, my curiosity about how the computers worked, and how to make them perform better for their human users, led me to study computer science. I eventually worked as a user interface designer for mobile phones in a global technology company.

Years later, a dear friend of mine had a serious car accident and stayed in El Camino Hospital in Mountain View. I became my friend’s care giver and because I was so impressed with the superb quality of care my friend received at El Camino Hospital, I volunteered at the hospital for a year as a way to thank the staff for their support. As a result, I decided once again to follow my heart’s desire to become a healer and went back to school and became a licensed acupuncturist, although that meant I had to face my fear of needles.

Now that I have conquered my fear of needles during the course of acupuncture school, I still can relate to the fear that many of my patients have for needles, even though they are aware that acupuncture needles are much thinner than hypodermic needles. Hence the need to find alternatives to the use of needles has always been the main goal of my research. I studied various reflexology modalities and developed an effective 3-Step method to do acupuncture without needles, thus enabling my patients to still enjoy the benefits of acupuncture. Through the development of my 3-Step method, I have come to appreciate the exquisite design of the human body as the ultimate self-healing machine, one with multiple built-in control panels that can help us take care of our body using our mind-body connection. It is my life’s mission to share this eye-opening knowledge with my fellow human beings, thereby empowering them to take charge of their own health and be free from pain and suffering.