Healing By Design Method

Center For Healing By Design

Lisa K.Y. Wong, L.Ac., has developed the Healing By Design method, based on ancient Asian medicine combined with western medicine theories.

The human body is designed to self-heal. It is the ultimate self-healing machine with multiple built-in control panels throughout different parts of the body (hands, ears, scalp, feet), which can be used to activate the body’s self-healing capability. Based on ancient Asian medicine combined with western medicine theories, we can speed up the natural healing process in our body by stimulating certain areas of the body, which we call trigger points or acupressure points, or what you might want to imagine as, “healing buttons.”

The next time you experience pain or discomfort anywhere in your body, before you reach for the pain pill, why not give your body’s own self-healing system a chance first? Using your body’s control panels and by following a simple 3-step process which we call the Healing By Design method, you can relieve the pain or discomfort in as little as 10 minutes, without any drugs or side effects. Best of all, you can do this by yourself, anytime, anywhere, and it costs nothing!

How would you like to learn this valuable skill and be able to use it for the rest of your life? Imagine how much better you would feel, how much more enjoyable your life would be, and how much money you would save on pain medications! You can teach it to your friends and family, so they can benefit from it as well.

Lisa K.Y. Wong, L.Ac., licensed acupuncturist, has developed the Healing By Design method from her years of clinical experience at both her private practice and at Kaiser Permanente working with patients with chronic pain. With this method, you can do basic self-care via acupressure, which is acupuncture without the needles. Instead of needles, you use your fingers and your mind-body connection. You can learn this simple technique and many other self-care skills by taking the self-care education classes offered by our center and/or by scheduling one-on-one consultation with Lisa.