Healing By Design™
Bonding Touch Video Series

Bonding Touch

Help your loved one get in touch with their Inner Doctor

Want to do something fun and healthy for your loved one when you spend quality bonding time together?

No matter whether your loved one is your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, mom or dad, sister or brother, son or daughter, grandma or grandpa, they will tingle with love when you pamper them with one, two, three, or all of the Healing By Design™ Bonding Touch acupressure massages that you will learn from this video series.

The fun, easy-to-learn, and effective acupressure massages in this series are based on the Healing By Design™ Self-Care Technology that we have developed based on proven research.

Here at Center for Healing By Design, we see the body as the ultimate self-healing machine with many control panels. Each of these massages we teach works on one of three of these Body’s Control Panels – the Head, the Ears, and the Hands. Because each of these Body Control Panels are like mini maps having connections to the whole-body, these massages are not only fun and easy to do, but have tons of health benefits for both the giver and the receiver.

Mastering these simple massages will bring you and your loved ones tons of love and joy, and will greatly enhance your relationships. We wish you lots of fun and enjoy each other in mind, body, and spirit together.


Healing By Design™
Bonding Touch Video Series

Benefits for the giver:

  1. Joy of giving love and compassion

  2. Improved circulation to hands and whole-body

  3. Deepened bonding with the receiver

Benefits for the receiver:

  1. Joy of receiving love and compassion

  2. Improved circulation to whole-body

  3. Boosted immune system

  4. Improved digestion

  5. Balanced hormones

  6. Deep relaxation

  7. Pain relief

  8. Deepened bonding with the giver

These massages can be done anytime, anywhere, for any duration, except when the receiver is driving a car. No special tools are needed. Just the hands and loving heart of the giver are required. Pregnant women should consult their primary care physician, acupuncturist or massage therapist before receiving these massages.

The Massages:

  1. Head Mini-Body Massage

  2. Octopus Kisses (head massasge)

  3. Double Ring (ear massage)

  4. Valentine’s Vodka or Victory (ear massage)

  5. Folding Ears (ear massage)

  6. Paint the Ears (ear massage)

  7. Open Ears (ear massage)

  8. Hand Mini-Body Massage

The Healing By Design Bonding Touch Video Series is our THANK YOU gift to you when you donate $50 or more. Receive the gift of love, health, and precious bonding experience with loved ones, while supporting our work to touch more lives.

Intro Video to Bonding Touch